Bhawani Peth

Established in 1682, developed by Sambhaji , named after the Bhawani Temple, this is one of the many peth (locality) areas of Pune. This street is famous for its hardware market. Here you will find a number of wholesalers for various types of hardware products, plywood, wooden flooring. The area near the Bhawani Temple has two very famous chivda shops Laxminarayan and Ramprasad. Their products are available in almost all grocery shops of Pune, but nothing like buying the fresh made chivda from them. There is Dairy Rich kulfi shop, which is famous for its mawa kulfi. You will also find some furniture, electronics, computer accessories shops scattered here and there. Most times the area is crowded and packed with traffic a typical scene in most parts of Pune now. There were times(about 40 years back) when coming to Bhawani peth was like visiting some remote cornered place inside an unknown jungle. Now its become a concrete jungle.