Chandan Nagar

Chandannagar is one place where you will find the entire range of things you can/want to buy for all your basic needs and above. It has a complete market place right from clothing to groceries and from hardware to computer peripherals, Mobile sales to repairing heavy electrical goods. You can buy something as small as a pin to as big as a Truck. The Ahmednagar Highway is seconds away from this area and provides all the trade necessary which has played a vital role in the development of this area since years. A Square foot of area costs 5k approx. but somehow it manages to keep a slight hint of the rustic flavour of any village in India. Huge companies sit here and you’ll have to come here to service your BMW too.

This is one place any Hollywood/Bollywood film maker won’t have to setup the crowded market places and yet have a perfect spot to shoot from. Chandannagar gives a similar feeling of the the gallis of Raviwar peth, only more spacious.

The huge Chandannagar Sabzi market here sees vegetables and fruits come from all over Maharashtra and neighbouring states. A chunk of the states’ supply dispatches from here as well. The Very well know Shivaji Putala (statue) stands in the middle of one road leading to this market. Be it a stamp paper or the Notary stamp you need for attesting your documents, you can buy it all in this area ;)

There are about a hundred places you can and can’t eat here and some decent too! It houses one of the over hyped chaat place known as Sudama and has an above average restaurant called Sarvodaya very close from the BMW service station! Electronics is well priced here and you get to see quite a variety of electronic goods here as well. Some of the Electronics branded shops also have their branches here (Vijay sales, Reliance Digital, etc.). Reaching for a mall from here is cake and plus you have 4 choices to choose from. Public transport literally comes to your doorstep if you live here and reaching any hangout place from here takes 5 minutes or less.

There are gyms, swimming pools, hospitals and so many clinics and labs to run tests from, so many , that you can be choosy to pick one. You can hire a kaamwalibai or daily wage worker from probably just down the street!

Chandannagar houses one of Pune’s largest tile/stone business centres. There are fitting and milling industries in the interiors of the area and some metal works factories here. Even the huge furniture houses of Kharadi have their shops in Chandannagar. Even at 3 in the morning you will find some help to help you with the directions to your out station friends hostel!  Oh and before you reach there, you can collect some tongue smacking hot food he asked you to get while coming. Had it not been for the limited area and population, Chandannagar could easily be known as a separate city!