Clover Center Shopping Complex

This shopping complex is located joining Mg Road and Moledina Road. You can enter into it from mg road and exit towards moledina road and vice versa. It has at least 500 small and medium sized shops selling all kinds of fancy stuff. Here you will find boutiques, watches,handbags, purses, men's wear, women's wear, kids stuff, antique jewelry, musical instruments, gift shops, wine shops, perfumes, athar's, tailors, Kurtis, sherwanis, jackets, winter wear, footwear, Arts and crafts. The complex has two parallel passages on the first floor and one passage inside the basement. Its very popular among-st young girls and women as most of the shops cater to their needs. If you are with your wife or girlfriend be careful, a visit here will surely dig deep into your pockets. There are enuf things available here to turn your casual visit into serious shopping. Before you realize you will have your hands full and wallet empty. The rates are Economical and the shop keepers do bargain on items, thou not much.

The shops begin at about 10 in the morning and do business till 9 pm. After 11 on most days the complex is crowded till late evenings. On weekends the crowd only gets bigger. There are a couple of shops selling snacks at entrance from basement side. Its an ideal kind of place for window shopping, with every shop showcasing their best stuff on mannequins. You come here once and be rest assured you will keep coming back again and again. Most of the things available here is of good quality and will last you long.