Cut Piece & Dress Material Shops Near Baba Jaan Road.

Jaan Mohammed Street is also very popularly known as Baba Jaan Street or Baba Jaan Chowk. This street is mainly involved in textile and its manufacture and production. There are almost 40-50 shops on this street all indulged in clothing and its origins. The cloths in all the stores come from different places; a few of the stores get their cloths fully manufactured from their own factories. If you need Indian traditional, western or cultural you can find it all here with ease. You can find all kind of clothing materials. New Femina Cut Piece and Gujarat Cut Piece are the best stores if you are looking for cotton material and Punjabi dresses. Mumbai Cut Piece is well known for shirt materials and silk clothing which is specially exported to various parts of India. Other stores like Zeba Collection, Balaji Trading Co. and Khazana Cut Piece are found to be having enormous amount of crowd for their fashionable collection every season.