Dastur Meher Street

This is the street which has the house of Baba Meher, who was an ordinary Parsi man, later turned Saint after being blessed by Baba Jaan. It has a number of Parsi houses. Its quiet most times and there is a certain calmness and tranquility you experience here. There is a vintage look to this street. You feel its still the same over all these years. Cafe Yezdan is famous for its Irani Chai. Its a typical cafe where you find old friends chit chatting. There is a Chinese restaurant called Dilkhush Chinese, thou no promises you will experience that, after eating the food too :D . There is a video game parlor next to it. Technical books is the shop you gotta go for finding the best technical and reference books on any topic. In one of the by-lanes Manchos Fried Chicken is a good fried and roasted chicken takeaway joint.

There are a number of shops selling grocery and household items. Some of them are Shirin Mini Market, Fatima General Stores and Sunnydales farm fresh Sokool a popular fizzy drink has a factory outlet on this street. There are a number of shops of traders, electrical goods, suitings, tailors, dry cleaners. Homi opticians is very well known for their frames and lenses. A late night visit also found quite some crowd at Persion hair cutting saloon towards the end of street. Its not a very happening street but its a very peaceful street, maybe just invoking the spiritual baba within you.