Deccan Circle

Deccan area is a huge and popular area In pune which lies at its center. Important roads like FC Road, JM Road lye at the heart of it. Sambhaji Park is an important landmark in the area. The deccan circle or the garware bridge is a small bridge which connects the various areas around it. The sambhaji statue near the bridge is again a well known landmark. There are vendors selling all types of fashion accessories, pirated books, footwear, purses, belts, keychains,lockets and other fancy stuff. Each of these vendors have their makeshift stalls and you have to bargain with them to get the price you want. The area has a lot of restauants, fast food joints, small chinese tapris, and vendors offering different type of street food. The entire area is predominantly marathi speaking and is also known as the marathi hub. Speaking in local language will give you the added advantage to squeeze more on bargains. Traffic jams here are a daily sight and driving on these streets requires a lot of patience. One should be very careful with respect to parking too. You park your 2 wheeler at the wrong end even for some time and be sure the cops will take it away. Very rarely will you get away without paying the fine.