East Street

The sister street parallel to Mg Road, is East Street. East Street is to foodies , what Mg Road is to shoppers. Here you will find a lots of restaurants for your hunger cravings. George restaurant is famous for its Biryanis, Chung Fa and Chinese Room for its authentic chinese food, Juice World for snacks, pav bhaji and off-course fresh fruit juices and shakes. The kati kebab rolls made of fillings of chicken pieces and eggs are a must have at Kareems. Sarangi, Kawlity, Baghban, Badshah, Mughals are some of the other very popular family dine out places. The famous Red Bus restaurant 11 East Street Cafe is immensely popular for its english food. A couple of hindi movie scenes have been shot in the Red Bus. The tea at the Irani Restaurant Diamond is very famous. Talk about this street and how can one not mention the famous Kayani Bakery famous for its shrewberry biscuits. Its their best selling item and they make very limited quantity each day. They get sold off till 5pm in evening.

There are fresh pastries and cakes for dessert from Bakers Basket and Copper Chocs. Towards the end of the street in a corner there is a branch of the famous Sujata Mastani . After all the heavy eating out the magai paan, dry fruit paan, chocolate paan are perfect to chew outside of George and Chung Fa restaurants. Their paans are so famous that many celebrities visit them. There is Victory theater which has been recently renovated by ESquare. The back side of the theater has some stalls selling bhel and pani puri. Murlis bhel puri is very popular. The 100 year plus old Edward Library is situated on the main road next to the theater, It still retains its old vintage look and appears as solid as it was when built. There are many shops selling computer and electronic accessories, car showrooms, home decor items, furniture. It has a number of commercial complexes on the road which have many offices and shops.