Fashion Street

Fashion street is one of the most popular local markets for street shopping. Kurtis, jeans, watches, jewelry, footwear, tops, night wear, electronics, toys, cosmetics, bags, you name it and you will manage to find a vendor here. They get all their stuff from Mumbai. Every vendor has their own stall. The lanes inside the market are very narrow and crowded. You must be careful about your valuable's and wallet. They quote prices depending on the type of customer. So you must negotiate and bargain well. Many times its better to walk off a little after being quoted a price. Then they get real and quote better. You will also find the same products available with multiple vendors, each with his own price. So you just gotta be street smart on this street ;-) You also have to use your judgement about sizes. The stalls are about the size of a trial room (so dont expect any trial rooms here) . Many of their sizes written are also not accurate, don't expect 32 to be wearable as 32 . Just have a look and trust your judgement. Most of the vendors however will co-operate to exchange it within 1-2 days after buying. However they only do that at a specific time, so be sure you ask what are the times for exchanges.

Most of the things are quite cheap (price wise), their quality is but obvious average. At times if you are lucky thou, it might even last longer than your branded stuff . This is also an excellent market to find clones of your favorite brands. Watch out for those comical spelling mistakes (if you care). E.g Lee Cooper might just be She Cooper and ReeBock might become Reeback . Many years back these vendors were all doing brisk business on Mg Road as hawkers. The corporation later forcibly shifted them all at this new location. The market opens at about 10 in the morning and the crowd starts pouring in after 11. Till late evening the entire place is jam packed. From college students to beautiful ladies, to road side Romeo's every one is busy hunting down and bargaining on their favorite fashion accessories. They have a dedicated parking section too. Who says fashion is only for the rich and page 3 types. A visit here and you will realize every one is obsessed with it in some form or the other. Overall its a great place to visit to realize the thrill of roadside shopping.