Bun Maska Chai At Cafe Goodluck

Bun Maska Chai At Cafe Goodluck

One of the best cafes in town to hangout while catching up with old friends. This is the charm of FC, road established in 1935. Irani Chai,Bun Maska, Bun Omelette, Biryani, Grilled Sandwiches, Caramel Custard are all excellent here. Its packed with people at all times and you must be prepared to wait for your turn.The seating arrangements are narrow, but doesn't matter once you start eating. Make sure you don't ever remove your comb here, there are stickers placed on walls saying your hair can fly in other people food ;-) .

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Address: Goodluck Chowk, Deccan Gymkhana, FC Road, Pune.

Phone: 020-65005710

Timings: 7:30 AM to 11:30 PM

User Reviews

Awesome place to hangout, or have a meeting or just quick bite. Must try bun omlette, bun maska , chicken roll, punjabi chicken dishes, and samosas. Staff is rude and a long queue in rush hours.

Excellent food overall. If you are going only for breakfast try bun omelette and tea with bun maska. Incredible. For lunch mutton kheema and fruit funny as desert. Super cost effective too.

Cafe GoodLuck is on of the best places to eat Biryani if you are in this side of town. Try the Mutton Kheema! http://www.zomato.com/pune/restaurants/deccan-peths/deccan-gymkhana/cafe-goodluck-10011

Try the chicken keema Kolhapuri if you want a super spicy treat. The mild & buttery gravy of chicken handi makes for a wonderful contrast. To top it off, caramel flan & malai kulfi are both excellent.

Go for a quick bite and try Bun Maska , Masala Omelette. For Dessert try Caramel Custard and Fruit Funny.

Chicken Grill Sandwich is very good..bun omlet is also nice..a very old place which never loses its charm...tasty and unique tastes at cafe goodluck

Great finger chips (fries) and black tea. The only bad thing is that smoking is allowed inside and your only option if you don't smoke is to hold your breath.

Kheema and food quality here has dropped over the years. Desserts are still amazing with fruit funny being the best out of the list.

Good food.Great tea and bun maska.One thing I love here..Sweet dish called Fruit Funny.Only place in Pune where u'll get those.

Bun omelets make for amazing and quick Pune breakfast! try some Iranian chai while you wait for your tasty morning sandwich.

Bun Maska , Bun Omelete , Baked Bens On Toast , Chicken are mind blowing. A place where the food items available are suited for the time. ^_^

Best place in town!And that BunMaska thats too awesome.You can also check more of it on http://justinreviews.org/cafe-good-luck-visiting-historical-irani-cafe/

Bun muska omelette :D amazingly served dish....forget everything and enjoy it...later on put a sweet taste with bread pudding :* :)

Goodluck Cafe has been reviewed by Rocky and Mayur ("Apollo Highway on My Plate guys); see the video: http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/highway-on-my-plate/pune-beckons-the-highwaymen-once-again/232203

"Bus Muska & Tea" MUST TRY, you can try Bun muska Omlet too. For veg folks try "Paneer Bhurji", "Roomali roti" & "Veg Biryani".

maska pav and chai here, burji pav also class.. too much rush all day. . to avoid rush, 6-8 in the morning is the best time

love the bun maska and tea... second best are all freshly made chicken items.. awesome place for a relaxed bite

Come alone, talk to people and enjoy the amazing food. Satisfy your taste buds as well as your wanderer soul.

'Bun-maska Chai' is a must try! :) Also, the chicken roll is filling.. don't go for a 'double' unless you're hungry like a monster,

Always a good place to start your week... A bun maska with chai before heading in to work... Or leaving frm work... Or just about any other time...

Loved most of their dishes. Right from breakfast to their main course.

Double chicken double cheese roll. You need not eat anything else in the day. Also, have bun maska and chai :-)

Grab the small veg/non-veg samosa and chai with butter bun, that's a breakfast here that'll make you feel good :)

bun maska with keema is damn good and try any of the following desserts..they are delicious.. chocolate souffle, caramel pudding or fruit funny

If your looking for quantity in veg... Try Diwani Handi its tasty also :p

The quantity of the chicken biryani is awesome... And so is the taste.. topped up with fried onions..

Goodluck ohhh my goodness :P Try anything Chicken / Mutton... every dish is awesome! And top of that the Fantastic roomali roti!!After main course.... Caramel Pudding is a 'must' try

Bun maska n chai, kheema pav, chicken afghani, bheja fry n caramel custard are a must have...

Omelet bun is the best in the city Its out of the world a must try if you are here

A wonderful place to hang out...Having a brun maska and a bun omelet with a hot cup of coffee is a treat...

The chicken was awesome! And well, for quite a reasonable amount, cheaper than many.

Best combination - Bun Maska Omlette along with a cup of tea and followed by Fruit Funny Dessert ! :D

My favourites are - Kheema Pav, Kolhapuri Kheema, Mutton soup, Caramel custard

awsum mutton kheema and roomali roti wid boneless chicken..bheja fry too...loved it

Try out Chicken Palak (Green Chicken u may call..) for sure other than their Mutton Kheema wit Bun..

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Place is fine but I feel the tea is just over hyped.. I was barely able to finish my tea just because of cigarette . The food is also good. Rumali roti is must try.

"Fruit Funny" dessert - lyk one of the awesome thing on earth. You can't beat it!

Muska pao n Irani Tea...good luck special(butter chicken) with roomali roti...anything u pick is fantastic..delicious!

this place is great for you to satifsy your hunger, good quality food all day round

Try the bun maska, bun omelette with a cup of tea. Perfect breakfast or brunch it is :)

Bun maska chai, cheese chiken grilled and mutton kheema pav worth a try..

The Bun Maska with tea or coffee and Cheese Bun Omelette are the best!

All items of eggs are awesome. Also, go for irani chai :)

Kheema Pav is the roxx! try the mutton chilly fry..& caramel pudding. sweet talk the owner to cut thru the queue.. ;)

Breakfast - Bun Omelet, Bun Muska, Chai! Lunch - Kheema Masala, Rumali Roti! Dinner - Mutton Biryani!

Awesome chicken bhuna and rumali roti with all-time favorite fruitfunny!!

The Kheema dishes are brilliant. Anything Tawa is awesome as well!

Bun maska obviously butt I love there non veg food mutton sukha tandoori bheja fry

Love the bun maska, small samosa and chai. Lunch and dinner options are nothing to boast about.

If you are looking for a perfect filling breakfast, ban-maska-omlette to order

Try bun maska n chai (buttered sweet bun with tea) for a quick snack :)

Yumm... Yumm Great and must go place for fooodies. This is also so good

Bun Maska. Custard pudding. Chai. Must try these at this cafe.

Back to the famous hunting ground and back to what I like doing the most: #foodiegiri :) ;)

Bun maska chai, omlette, rumali roti and chicken, this place never changes! Old is gold!

Bun maska pav is awosome & love to eat whenver i go there with Tea

Bun maska & the Masala Omlette with Bun nd cheese. Marvellous

Bun Butter and Bun omelette is a must have.

Bun maska n chai with fey idli. My morning began in the most awesome way!

Kheema bread is just great! My order almost every time for breakfast :P

People praise their Tea. But I didn't like as was normal like other Tea providers. Nothing Special. Though Bun Maska was good. Place is Crowdy so look for that.

Anything with cheese or butter here and you've copped it all

Chocolate souffle is a must must must...bun mask is lyk the staple food here..

Bun omelette cheese, followed by filter coffee.. Best breakfast ever!

U've gotta try the 'fruit-funny' dessert. Ask them to serve it cold!

butter chicken and rumali roti.... awsome....

Nice hangout place.. Decent food but have a high waiting time... Youthful crowd :-)

The Chicken Kasturi and Fruit Funny are orgasmic!

Bun maska paav..the most amazing dish...u can not just stop in one bun maska...

Great for Morning breakfast but always too long waiting.

For veggies.. BHINDI .. Is must.. It's one of the best in Pune..

Kheema paw, mutton biriyani & fruit funny with malai kulfi.

Beautiful experience and delicious menus.

Loved the bread pudding..a chunk of pure awesomeness <3

Love the French toast... But the service is dull!

Scambled egg with toast, tastes awesome

Should try bun butter or bun butter jam..

Amazing maska pav and egg bhurji. And try the chocolate soufflé for dessert

Bun maska and Irani Tea....Also don't forget chicken tandoori.

Best and affordable non vegetarian food on FC road.

Awsome chicken hydrabadi !!! Awsome taste , must try :D

Brun Maska and Chai. That's the thing to have here. (It's NOT bun, but 'brun')

Kheema paw and caramel custard are to die for!

Non-veg (chicken/mutton), i liked biryani

Try Fruit Funny here if you aint in a mood for a chai ;)

Try the Chicken Fried in Eggs... Out of this world...

If you like fruits, you HAVE to have fruit funny.. don't miss it!

Try epic fruity funny after the meal !

Having a Bun Maska n chai before heading in to work... Just a lil "goodluck" to start the day with

Bun muska and Irani chai a must try!

Skip the meal, go for authentic Irani breakfast

Kheema fry, bheja fry and butter chicken

try the goodluck special chicken with paratha/rumali roti.

Visit to taste the 'irani tea' in the perfect irani ambience

Bun masala omlet is must !!!

Kheema pav, fruit funny must

Bun butter omelette must to have

Try Bun Maska and Chai (Buttered Sweet Bun with Tea) for a quick snack :)

Cheese bun omelette..... Good start for the day....

Try bread butter Jam..

Must try there non veg rolls..

A must go place for foodies :)

The tea and smokes... I can sit there day long..

Try idli fry a gud heavy breakfast..with a cup of irani tea..

Even if they close at 11:15PM , still you can take parcel , approach from left side narrow lane , and give the order.

Bun Maska and Chai one of the best.

Don't expect privacy here, only mouth watering breakfast!

Go here only for bun maska paw and irani tea...

Try mutton kheema... Fab!!!

bun masska and mutton khema are the best...

Tawa Chicken, Rumali Roti & Caramel Pudding.

Mutton Kheema Kolhapuri, Roomali Roti, Caramel Custard are the must haves.

Always good for a perfect breakfast!

Bun maska, chocolate soufflé. Amazing.

The best kheema in the city

All time hangout place. Ban masks must

Mutton cutlet is awesome here.

chicken tandoori is must try.!

None better then Fruit funny ... Must must eat :-) :-)

Try the toast butter jam. Its super fuckin awesome.

Bun Maska and Chai its really Awesome..

Keema, bread and liver dry.. Have fruit fanny after that.

Fruit funny! Must try!

Must try the bun maska bread

Just had fruit funny and chocolate souffle. Awesome.

Bun mhaska and chai,rocks.must have.

Egg fried rice with d fried onions is nice

Chilli Paneer was delicious. . .

Must try Keema Bread

Delicious bread pudding and caramel custard!

Bun masala omelette nd irani chai

Goodluck has started home delivery for orders above 200Rs. You can call on 020-65602093/94

Bun muska and chai must have

It was a good place in past ,nowadays it's just a name, worst tea I had here ...this place is now a bad memory P.S.Im from pune

Bun masks omelette , Awesome

Bun butter omlet...awesome.

Idly fry is f9 u can have it

Broon butter and palak paneer and best fried rice

Try jungali chicken if you havent

You just have to have The Fruit Funny

bun maska n creamroll wid chai..........yum yum

Try the sweet French toast!

chicken boneless and bun maskaaaa awesome !

Awesome Irani tea with Bun Maska ;)

Best bun maska in town

Having tea and bunbutter wid frnds!!!!Its awesome

Bun Maska with Tea & Bun Omelette

Try Irani Chai, Paneer Tawa and Kheema Paav.. Descent rate and good quality

красивая архитектура Awesome place to have 夏 すだちぶり

Cheese masala omlette!

Kolhapuri Kheema and roomali roti. brilliant.

The glasses here are dirty, bring your own plastic cups.

French toast,bun maska and tea......great

Kadhai Chicken Handi Boneless with Rumali Roti

Try chicken cheese grilled sandwich !!!

Try out their new menu from the tandoor.wont be disappointed.

Chicken grilled sandwich ftw!

Last week, I saw a huge bandicoot run into the kitchen. I really think they got to consider hygiene. Sad, but the tasty food here might not drag me again to this place

great food, service and price

Best place for all foodies...!!

Awesome bun omelette!

Tea and bun maska is the best

Cheese grilled sandwich for sure..!!!

Yummy tawa chicken boneless!

Fruit funny must have desert!!!

Scrambled egg on toast is hope less

Omlete sandwich is a fav.....

Mutton Kheema Kolhapuri yummyyyy

try the mint soda, bun-butter-omlette, and fruit funny. in tht order :)

Amazing French toast

fresh food everyday

Mutton kheema and Bun Maska with Chai

Cheese omlete toast ...healthy brkfast

Chocolate souffle..too good..

Chocolate souffle ...if u dont try it.. Ur good luck trip is waste

Love the tea over here.

Kolhapuri Kheema

Mutton kheema.rumali roti.mutton biryani.jelly wth cream.

Cheese omelette ......must have

Keema fry/tawa for sure

Try Bun omlette cheese...

Bun maska, Irani chai

Beja fry is awesome here

Chicken moghlai.. awesome

Must try chocolate souffle

Try Bun Omlet.....

Kheema pav...must try

Tawa chicken is awesome!!

Special Butter Chicken

thinking of going here today.... Foursquare is so cool :o)

Bun butter omlette

Bunmaska omlete !!! :-)

so good i like very much

Tourists beware. Always check the menu for prices else you will be ripped off & scammed with higher prices :(

Fruit funny is at par

Kill yourself if you didn't tried frooty funny... :P

Masala Chai/Filter Coffee...

Bun Butter :-P

French toast sweet!

Pleas give 10-15 mins to serve you better

Try baked beans

try irani chai n bun maska

Fruit funny \m/

Last night had nice dinner.

Yummy Bun Butter

Bun Omelet .....

Awesome place

Bun omlete with tea

Try the caramel pudding

Waiting for hours !


ban maska... baap.

hey checkout


Egg lover must visit, bun masks n tea, Irani tea, bread pudding and custard 😍✌✌

Bun maska n Chai..Lovin it...mmmm!!!!!

Bun maska- 8


I like bun maska paw.

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