Irani Cafes In Camp

No matter how many trendy cafes and coffee joints might have come up in the last couple of years in the city, nothing can compete with the age old vintage irani cafes of the city. Extremely popular for chai, bun maska, bun omelette, khari, toasts, cheese sandwiches, coffee, their old furniture, small tables and chairs, old tube-lights all add up to the vintage environment. It's packed with customers from morning to evening. Most of them old friends busy chitchatting, some of them negotiating business deals, and some just enjoying their newspapers over their cup of tea. Diamond cafe on East Street is undoubtedly one of the best places in the city to have tea. Its maintained its popularity for at least 40 years. Cafe India on East Street is a place where you can have tea and snacks and also play table tennis.

Cafe TryLuck and Cafe Almas near 15th august chowk towards Mg Road also offer Biryani, Egg Bhurji, Kheema Pav along with the regular items. Then there is Cafe Yezdan on Dastur Meher Road which has a very typical parsi, homely charming environment and where you can try out the cheese omelette, tomato omelette with the regular special tea and cakes. Samosas, cream roll at Cafe Garden are a good eat along with tea. At most of these cafes you will find signs written not to un-necessary waste time sitting . So if you keep sipping your empty tea cups for long be sure to get a few glares and rough looks. These are not the Cafes you want to meet up for dates and arrange marriage proposals. However if you like rough, vintage looking places and don't mind the extra crowd around you, these Cafes are the perfect places to enjoy your cup of Tea with snacks and friends in Camp.