Jaan Mohammed Street

Hazrat baba jaan street or jaan Mohammad street is named after the old lady saint baba jaan. S(h)e was a highly spiritual, god enlightened lady who ran away at a young age from Afghanistan, towards Pakistan, from there to India, finally settling down in Pune. Her dargah and the famous neem tree where s(h)e would sit full day listening to her followers are the heart of this street. Her entire life s(h)e devoted towards serving of the poor. Her devotees pay homage to her at her shrine and keep talking about how baba jaan still helps them in their times of need. During her urs (death anniversary), the entire area is lit up and there are food stalls all around the place. There are qawali programs and laser shows organized in evenings.

There are a number of different types of shops located here. You will find a lot of them selling dress materials. They are all very reasonable priced and have many different types of varieties and colors. There are also shops for sherwanis, stationary, auto mobile spare parts, dairy. India ice-cream is an age old shop best known for their vanilla flavored candy sticks and also orange and pineapple ice candy sticks. Now they sell many different types of ice-creams. Jai Shankar paani puri house is one of the best panipuri places in Pune. In evening they are packed with customers. Even celebrities and big businessmen come down once in a while to munch here. Dilli wala dairy is well known for sweets, milk and lassi. During Ramazan, the entire street is filled up with food stalls selling all types of delicacies for iftari and the lanes become one of the most important Khao Gallis of the city.