J.J. Garden Road

Cantonment garden or JJ garden is famously recognized by Garden Wada Pav. Its definitely the one of the best Wada pav for in Pune. Its got its name from the garden opposite it, but today the garden is known coz of the Wada Pav popularity. From morning to evening the stall is packed with customers. No wonder speculation says that the owner has bungalows and imported cars ;-) . There is a Cafe called Garden for tea and snacks. A little walk ahead on the street and you will find some grocery shops, footwear, poultry products, cactus beer bar, dry cleaners, clothes shops. Some of the clothes shops are Just Casuals, Krishna's, Indo Western. Krishna's is well known for babies and children's clothes, but rates are a little expensive. There are many boutiques towards the end of the road. The street leads towards Moledina Road and on the corner there is a big outlet of Uttara House selling Venkys products. Outside that on the road there are about 2-3 vendors selling fresh fruits. They are there till late evenings.