Kasba Peth

Kasba Peth was the first Peth to be established in Pune. It is located at Veer Santaji Ghorpade road and runs parallel to Mula Mutha River. It is extremely close to Shaniwar Wada Palace-Fort. It is said that in the history once Pune was known as "Kasba Pune" because of this area. It started off by being just a small residential area whereas now it has grown to be king of all Peths in Pune. The highlight of Kasba Peth is Kasba Ganpati temple. During the Ganpati festivals it is one of the most crowded areas of Pune. It receives a crowd of over 20-30 thousand in that season. With Dhols and music all around, the area during the fest is a blessing to be at. Ganpati is the Gram Devta for the locals who are extremely spiritually involved in the wellbeing of the temple. Lal Mahal which is the fort of Shivaji Maharaj is also located here.

Kasba Peth is mostly oriented in being a residential area but apart from residences you can also find a number of earthen pot makers and copper/brass utensils manufacturers. These earthen pot makers (who are situated in Kunbhar Wada) are located close to the Mutha River since over a decade. It is considered to be a historic place because of Twashta Kasar Kalika Devi Temple which is beautifully architected and loved by the tourist visitors. A few general stores and clothing shops can be seen for the residents. The clothing shops provide mainly sarees and traditional Indian wear. There are a few food junctions which are loved for their unique taste. Neelam Restaurant, Yash Raj Restaurant, Kalibar Hotel, Cafe Dastoor etc are probably the best ones existing in the area. The traffic of the area is very minimum compared tall the other Peths around. Kasba is called as the father of all Peths by a few locals. Kasba Peth is not just the oldest area existing in Pune but it is the main root from where the city has grown. It certainly is the most important area which should be visited by everyone.