Koregoan Park

Koregaon Park, informally known as KP is one of the posh areas of Pune. The lane is located at the south of Mula Mutha River. It addresses lush greenery and luxurious residences for the people to live. It is divided into several lanes. You can find residences like bungalows, villas, and apartments which are exotically designed to enhance the beauty of the area. The reason why Koregaon Park is considered to be so upbeat is because of how it's developed over the years. Koregaon Park consists of very wealthy residents. Referring to the recent research, it has only 27% of Indians, 36% NRIs, 37% foreigners residing in the area. The North Main road and the South main road are the lanes which consist of the most extravagant houses occupied by multi-millionaires, business tycoons, politicians, landlords, military officials, property owners etc. Societies like Swan Lake Society & Sukhwai society were one of the first ones to be constructed in the area.

The North Main Road reflects the entire area at the first glance of the street. It is one of the busiest streets of Pune due to the presence of 5 star hotels, residents, restaurants, discotheques, pubs, shopping malls, and retail stores which provide domestic as well as international brands. There are a few colleges around which pulls the youngsters to KP. It provides fast food junctions as well as 5 star family restaurants. Places like Cafe Coffee Day, Pizza Hut, Buddha Paradise, Sweet Chariot, German Bakery, Baskin Robins, Subway, Venky's Express, Mad Over Donuts, The Hidden Place, Kue Bar, The Burger Place, and Hard Rock Cafe are the most recognised eating outlets. The recent highlight added to the area is Starbucks, which serves you the best coffee all across the world. A few reputed and renowned restaurants are Sizzling China, Village Restaurant, ABC Farms, High Spirits, Teri Rajput Dairy, Arthurs Theme, Addah - The O Hotel, Prem's, Copper Chimney, Uncle's Chinese, The Basil Deck and so many more. Westin is the ultimate classy hotel at KP. If you are a foodie person then this is your food heaven. Koregaon Park has a lot to offer in the category of shopping. You get a choice to shop from the most expensive brands to the cheapest local brands. Celio, Pinnacle, Envy Fashions, Soniya Fashions, Cotton King, Cupid Fashion, Solaris, and China Fashions are some of the best places to visit if you want to spend your evening shopping.

The Koregaon Park Plaza is a major highlight of the area. It is great shopping outlets with PVR Cinemas which gets crowd attracted from all the nearby areas. A few other things that you can find are The Antique Store, Blush Clinic, Archies Gift Store, Advanced Hair Studio and many different bank outlets State Bank of India, Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, and Canara Bank, HDFC Bank etc. The Osho Garden is one of the best tourist places to visit in KP. It is a simple garden with a stream flowing in it. It is very beautiful and people love it for its peacefulness. It is a perfect example for calm and soothing Meditation Resort. The Osho Garden receives over a two thousand people in a week. Transportation in the area is pretty convenient. The local buses and auto-rickshaws are easy to find and finely punctual. The bikes and cars move around decently thus avoiding a lot of traffic. The traffic on the street can go a little out of control at the peak hours from 6-8 pm. Koregaon Park is the current growing commercial marketplace of Pune. Although it may charge you two thousand rupees shopping the whole day, but it's also got the magic to cheer you on with its best coffee places. You can grab a Starbucks or Buddhas cold coffee depending on the amount left in your wallet. After all, KP is the bliss of Pune.