Mg Road Food Stalls

Pune is a city filled with fast food joints and street food junctions. Every place has a specialty lying in its very own traditional taste. Where the young crowd cannot stand to stay away, the elderly are nonresistant towards the street food of Pune as well. From variety to quality, from quantity to taste, the food stalls at M.G road have got it all. The food stalls here are mostly surrounded by the working people of the area because of the convenience of grabbing a bite in just 10 minutes. A few of the well known stalls recognized and favored by the people were found to be: Sai Snacks Center, Shree Balaji Paratha & Momos, Moraya Dosa Center, Sai Kacchi Dabeli, Jay Ganesh Sandwich and Pizza, Clover Juice Center, Princess Milkshake and Mastani, A1 Nimbu Sharbat etc. All these fast food stalls are on wheels thus found to be moving around during the day. Yet, most commonly they all can be found situated right in front of Clover Center on M.G road.