Moledina Road

Moledina road is well known for the shopping complex "clover center". The entrance to the complex is from this road. There are at least 300 shops inside clover center selling all types of items. On this street you will find a number of vendors selling pirated books. Any latest book you want and they will arrange the pirated copy for you. If you want new ones they will get that too and also give a decent discount depending on how good you bargain. It has SGS mall which is a favorite place for youngsters to hangout on weekends. There is Westside which is another immensely popular shopping complex. Towards the other side of SGS Mall there is Dorabjis departmental store. During winters outside dorabjis there are a number of vendors selling fresh strawberries. The quality is really good. There are a number of restaurants on the road, the popular ones are Coffee House, Ramakrishna, The Place (for its sizzlers), Supriya for its south Indian food. There are ice cream parlors and pastry shops too. The famous Bhavnagari sweet shop has a branch here. The dastur girls high school is located on this road which is a heritage building.

There is Nehru memorial hall which is well known for holding cultural programs, gatherings and events. The renowned landmark of Baba Saheb Ambedkar statue is towards the beginning of the road. The old single screen Westend theater is located on this road. It was one of the most popular theater in camp side, but now has lost its charm in this multiplex era. Till around 10:30 pm in the night you will find Kalyan Mawa kulfi vehicle standing on the road outside the theater. Parking is well organized on one side of the road, managed by the PMC pay and park. Its quite a happening street overall and has the combination of a bit of everything from malls, to shops to restaurants to street vendors, all contributing their own flavors.