Non-Veg Restaurants Near Shivaji Market

Shivaji market is the go to market for beef, mutton, fish, chicken. Besides that, There are a number of restaurants around it which are very popular for its mutton and beef dishes. Seekh kebabs, kheeri, khichda, rumali rotis, parathas are specialities here. Kheema with eggs and naan is very popular. During Ramazan this place is packed with people feasting for Iftari. Some of the popular restaurants are Hotel radio, Hotel bismillah, Gulzar Mohamadi Hotel. These are not the places you visit with the intention of dining out with family or friends. These are like rowdy spots where you just go to have some real masala meaty stuff. They are well known for that, not for other things like service and ambiance. The taste , masalas and preparation of beef and mutton is excellent.