Restaurants On Mg Road

There is a reason why people of Pune city are known to be foodie. The restaurants all around the city are the charm of the city. M.G road consists of few very well known restaurants across Pune. Restaurants like Kohinoor, Maz-O-Rin, Eggzotic, Hotel Durvesh, Aahar Restaurant & Bar, AFC (American Fried Chicken), Faaso's etc are the best ones you must try at M.G road. Maz-O-Rin is not just a restaurant on M.G road; it is so well known that it's rather used as a landmark. It has a variety of very delicious sandwiches and burgers at the cheapest rates you can imagine. Faasos provides extremely tasty rolls and sandwich wraps. Hotel Durvesh is famous for its missal paav for lunch and Kohinoor for its early morning Ban Maska and Chai. Kohinoor is the most populated restaurant amount all of the above. It is one of the earliest restaurants that is open at M.G road every day.