Salunke Vihar Road

The initial stretch of the Salunke Vihar road doesn't have much to look for. As you reach Rosary school, the area unfolds. There are many caterers in this area well know for Dum Biryani, chicken and mutton dishes. Thou when you visit them, keep away from the kitchen, some things are best enjoyed unseen. ;-) Super Mall is a popular business center and has a lot of offices inside it. There are many fast food joints on this road as you go ahead. Some of them are Mini Punjab (Tandoori chicken, fish), Yumme Tumme (kathi rolls, Shwerma), Sunny Fresh (chinese, fried rice, biryani, fish). There are also shops selling different varieties of fresh fish. There is a Reliance Fresh super market, a Cafe Coffee Day. Badhai Sweets is a very popular landmark on this road. Its also well known for its sweets and evening snacks items of Bhel Puri, Samosa, Kachori, Pani Puri. Coffee Jar , Coffee & Tea, Chai are well known cafes in the area. A small snacks joint outside of Shree Ji ice creams makes excellent pizzas and sandwiches. There is also a Nursery selling indoor and out door plants, there are sugarcane vendors in corners and in late evenings the entire road stretch is filled with vegetable vendors. ABC farms is again a very popular landmark on this road. Its famous for its dairy products and Rs 10 Softy icecreams. Traffic on this street is reasonable, occasional traffic jam here and there, but nothing like the horror show on many other streets of the city.