Wanowrie is not a typical high end locality like Main street but it has bits and pieces of everything. Sacred Heart Township is a very well known residential complex. There are many shops located around it. There are light shops, kitchen ware, dry cleaners, photo studio, boutiques and saloons. On the street there is a food van named Fritiers serving all types of fried fast food items. The area has many cake shops too , some of them are Bakers Basket, Copper Chocs, Brownie Point, Chocolate Story. There are boutiques like Kurta Mafia, Glitterz 52. A shop named Pinkus Creation offers tailoring services and also has a collection of old classic english books which you can take on rent. Good to have a tailor who also offers books to his customers. On the opposite side of Sacred heart town there is McDonalds, Atlantis Lounge Bar, KFC . Just Books is a book rental store. Varsha Bhel and Pav Bhaji is popular for its street food. There is a shop selling Matka Kulfi, a perfect bite in the hot pune weather. There are branches of Smokin Joes and Dominoes Pizza . The area is cosmopolitan , traffic is normal , shops are plenty and rates are reasonable.