Party Supplies From Pyjama Party Productions

Party Supplies From Pyjama Party Productions

If you are looking for unexpected and uncommon party items this quirky shop will surely come handy. Located at wanowrie they have all the things you would ever need for arranging a party or an event. They offer wide range of services for any kind of events. Some of them include venue sourcing, providing DJs, catering, gifts and return gifts ideas and decoration.

They specialize in birthdays, corporate events and weddings. Some of the bestseller items to check out at their store are bottle openers, fancy candles, chini-cups, gift boxes, handmade paper, money garlands, ring tray,pet collars and lassi glasses.

Temporary Tattoos


Wierd Ashtrays

Shot Glass Stands

Prank Items

Ring Tray

Pop Pop

Pet Collars

Bottle Opener

Money Garlands

Corporate Gifts


Lassi Glasses


Handmade Paper

Gift Boxes

Feather Boas

Coconut Zips


Fancy Candles

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