A Sunday Visit To Junna Bazaar (Chor Bazaar)

Old is gold. What better way to understand this age old proverb than visiting junna bazaar. Located near Mangalwar Peth, this market gets packed up on Sundays with all types of interesting stuff. Computer motherboards, motors, processors, rams, video game, play stations, motorcycle spare parts, electronics items, clothes, gramophones and records, all such things you will find here. There is a good chance the stuff you pick up from here will be in working condition. You just gotta watch out with an eagles eye and be quick in making your deal , if you spot some thing of your types. You will find many antique handicraft items, old coins, furniture items here. You can visit here to even sell your items to vendors.

The prices and deals you get are all variable and dependent on your bargaining skills. Be sure you pick up right things before you pay as once you pay them they don't even exist for you unless you want to buy again something from them. Many times you will get branded shoes second hand in this market. How and from where they manage to get these things is best left unanswered The market operates only on Sunday as by the name it implies the vendors are busy stealing stuff on weekdays to fill up the weekend lol :D