Chinese Food In Camp

Among-st the food we eat all the time, the most popular cuisine for most of us has to be Chinese food. The craving for it can happen any time and in this piece we try to pen down some popular Chinese eat out places from Camp area. East end Chinese restaurant located next to Burger King on East Street is a small old parsi bungalow converted into a restaurant. It's a great place to sit and enjoy a peaceful quiet meal. The egg and chicken fried rice, Veg Manchurian, golden fried chicken are all very good. Chung Fa restaurant on East Street is packed with customers on weekends. The Chicken lemon coriander soup is excellent. The chicken and fish starters are good. The ambience is good too. Dilkhush Chinese restaurant located on Dastur Meher Road is a small joint for those low on budget and wanting lots of quantity. The Lollypops and fried rice is decent.

Shanghai Chinese Restaurant on Taboot street is again a very popular takeaway joint. Their lollypops, fried rice, gravies are all very good. Whats more they have Chinese Pizzas too. The rates are reasonable. Eddies Kitchen On Lal Deval Road is a very old restaurant. Some of their dishes are less Indian and more close to authentic Chinese food. Chicken fried rice with Chicken in Chilly garlic basil sauce is a mouth watering combination. Chilly Chicken for starters is very good too. The Thai cuisines are a good try out too.

Chinese Room on East Street is as popular for its ambience as much as its popular for its food. The etched glass painting all over add to the fine dine experience and you can feel your senses relaxing as to eat your food and listen to the soft music. The Chicken, prawns dishes are good to try here. They also have Chinese Dessert made up of fried noodles and icecream with some honey. It definitely is worth trying. Yo China is a Chinese stall located inside SGS Mall on Moledina Road. It's a nice place to grab some quick bites of food made in street style type flavors while you are busy shopping inside the mall. Besides these joints you will surely see a Chinese menu in every other restaurant located in this area. So lots of options to satisfy your Hakka Noodles cravings, next time when you have one.