Kalyani nagar

Kalyani Nagar is situated in the eastern region of Pune. It connects to the North Main road, East Ave road, Vithalrao Vandekar road, New Airport road, and Pune Nagar road from all sides. It is the upcoming neighbour of Koregaon Park. Kalyani Nagar has always been a residential street rather than a commercial street. Though there are excellent amount of commercial outlets that have opened up in the area over the last ten years. Marigold Complex is the largest residential complex of Kalyani Nagar. It has about 4 main entrances and is magnificent from inside. Sunshine Court, Fortaleza, and Landmark Gardens are also a few reputed societies of this locality. The Bishops School is the main educational institute of the entire locality. All the kids around Kalyani Nagar as well as farther area come to study at Bishops.

Going around the area, you can find a lot of general stores, vegetable market, laundries, medical pharmacies, hospitals and clinics, hair salons, and most importantly D-Mart Supermarket. It is the most convenient shopping resort for the residents nearby. According to the local public D-Mart also provides a lot of free gift vouchers every season. The Joggers Park located here is a magnet of Pune. It is the most crowded park to be visited at 6:00 in the morning. A few Yoga and Laughter clubs add to the perfect mood of the park. Around Joggers Park you can find a lot of motivational health and exercise related quotation boards which inspire you to go on. From college kids to grandparents, everybody comes here to calm down and relax. A few fast food places to grab here would be Mc Donald's, Cafe Coffee Day, Yana Sizzlers, Dominos, Eatsome, Faasos, Hot Chips, Karachi Sweetmart, Monginis, Cafe Chocolade, Baskin Robins, and some regular stalls here and there on the streets selling Pani Puri, Dahi Vada, Lime Soda, Roasted Bhutta (Corn), Chinese etc. Some of the famous family restaurants include Royal Orchid Central Hotel, Marrakesh, The Ship Grill & Bar, the Flour Works, Firangi Tadka, Arctic Restaurant, Baan Tao, Trois Kitchen, Kalyan Bhel, Barbeque Nation, and Kalyani Restaurant which is the highlight restaurant of Kalyani Nagar.

If you are looking for commercial brands then you are at the right place. Brands like Samsung, Nikon, Sony, American Tourister, Artland, The Mobile Stores, HP, Wild Craft, Cloths Rock, Woodland, Titan, Jockey, Archies and many more are very easily available at Kalyani Nagar. The transportation can be an issue at Kalyani Nagar. Most of the time the cars, busses, 2 wheelers etc are all stuck in traffic near the Mariplex Mall. The Mariplex Mall is a complex full of interesting brands but the most exciting part of it is the Big Cinemas Movie Theatre. It is the second cheapest theatre after E-Square in Pune. Big Cinemas receives enormous crowd everyday from all around Pune. It gives you the latest Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies. The well known Cerebrum IT Park & Cybage is located here. They are one of the extensively developed business intelligent organisations which have progressed immensely in the IT sector over the last eight years. Their buildings are one of the best architectural masterpieces. They are beautifully designed and please the eyes with their terrific roman design. They are spread across over 4912 - 57500 Sq. Ft. Kalyani Nagar is the emerging highlight of Pune. With luxurious residences to commercial complexes, it has developed immensely throughout the years. The area has expanded beyond its limit of imagination and still expanding for more.