Laxmi Road

Laxmi road is the survival street of Pune. It has been surviving since more than a decade; it is also one of the most loved places for people to visit in terms of shopping. It has received its name after the Goddess of Wealth, Laxmi. Laxmi road starts from the Alka Talkies Square and runs through the veins of City area in Pune. It is brought to an end when it reaches the Cantonment area. The road runs with shops covered on both the sides for almost 4km. It is well known for the variety of textile & garments shops. You can find wholesale shops, retail shops and showrooms for clothing and garments. These shops change their stock every season, thus providing the latest stock of every season to their customers. A few shops like Jaihind, Men's Avenue, Sajawat & Dulhan are well known for their stock and latest designs. It is the perfect bargain place according to the ladies. If you are good at negotiating prices then Laxmi road is the best place for you. Apart from garment shops, you can find a number of jewelry shops located on the lane. The jewelry business on Laxmi road has also held its mark for more than 60 years. Once the ladies discover this lane, it is impossible for them to stop shopping because from ancient to the latest designs, it can all be found in these jewelry shops. Maharashtrans are extremely fond of gold thus the shop keepers target them more than the tourists.

There is a section of the street where you can find hardware shops. These hardware stores are also pretty aged. Other than that, there are a few stores with household items which sell plastic and steel utensils at a cheap rate. Laxmi road is one of the most crowded roads on week days. There is barely any place for a two wheeler to move when there are people around. According to the people, one of the best things about Laxmi road is that it is celebrating festivals most of the time in the year. Whether its Holi, Diwali, Makasankranti, Eid or Ganpati... Everything is celebrated here. It is unbelievable to see how the busiest commercial street of Pune remains so lively at all times of the year. There are many petite food stalls around the area. These stalls are most on wheels so they keep moving around throughout the lane. Mostly stalls of pani puri, pav bhaji, sandwiches, snacks etc are the ones in demand. Restaurants like Burgers Kitchen, Vigneshwara Pure Veg, Sankalp Restro & Bar are loved by tourists because they are well known for providing good quality food.

Considering the residents of Laxmi road, there are families who are living in this locality for more than forty to sixty years. The buildings are old and weak. There are a lot of buildings where families live in flats with barely 1 or 2 rooms, thus making the locality a congested place to live in. But overall, people are happy and satisfied with their lifestyle and culture. It has a few shops open on Sundays and it is completely shut on Mondays. Laxmi road is an important part of Pune city. The real Pune lies in the long lane of Laxmi Road. People who have not visited Laxmi Road have not seen Pune at all "Punekar!"