Mg Road

One of the most cosmopolitan areas of Pune city , the heart of camp is Mg Road. Popularly also called as the Main Street, It indeed is a shoppers hub. Here you will find all types of shops, most of them are over 100 years old and doing business from generation to generation. Some of the popular showrooms located here are CT Pundole, Woodland, Nike, Adidas, United Colors Of Benetton, Loui Phillpe, Titan,Rolex etc. You get great lifestyle products at Bombay Store. You will find shops selling Kashmir and jaipur handicrafts. These are all great places for window shopping, thou you must be ready to burn some cash, its one of the more expensive markets of the city. However you will also find a lot of fashionable stuff for ladies specially on road side stalls and small cornered shops which are real value for money. There are many sweets and snacks shops on this street. Samosas and kachoris at Karachi Sweets are a must try. Softy icecream at Pasteuer , sandwiches at Marzorin, chicken creamy rolls at Zoroastrian Seva Mandal are all rocking. Wafers at Budhani are always crispy.

Its a great street to hangout with friends, sipping coffee at barista, or eating fresh baked pizzas at smokin joes. Many years back it had a concept of walking plaza, on weekends, in evening, where people could just come and walk and no vehicles allowed. They later stopped that. Its still thou is a great place for walks in late evening. All over the street you will find pretty ladies shopping for their favorite things, which also makes it a popular birdwatching zone (where we get to see real ones in a city these days) . Its very heavily crowded during festive seasons be it Diwali, Christmas, New Years, all shops are decorated and lit up. Parking (paid) is also well organized on both sides of the street for 2 and 4 wheelers. Overall its the ideal kind of place for shopping, hanging out with friends, late evening walks, or just chilling out in general. A must visit for everyone who comes to Pune.