Popular Footwear Stores On Mg Road

If you're a shopaholic for your feet then M.G road provides you the best footwear you'll find in the city of Pune. These existent shops and stores at M.G have managed to survive here for over a decade. The business runs fully flourished, receiving at least 500 customers every day. The varieties are never ending and the rates are unbelievable. The cost of the footwear can vary from Rs 150 to Rs 5000, depending on the choice and brands. The shops that are best recognized by people are Regal Shoes, Taj Footwear, Bata, MSL Footwear, Fantasy, Catwalk, Metro, Sole to Soul and Dawood. All of these stores are properly placed on the main street, holding their common landmark as the Wonderland building. Most of these stores are located just foot steps away from each other making it convenient for the crowd to save time and shop well.