Shivaji Market

One of the most popular cosmopolitan markets of Pune city is the Shivaji Market. Built way back in 1885 by British Lt Jen John Ross and designed by Gen Cecil D'Urban La Touche and W.M Ducat. The building is made up of Grey stone granite rocks reminiscent of a vintage Warriers Fort standing amid the fast paced city life. The building is a heritage building and that was known only after the PMC decided to take up the renovation work to accommodate more vendors. The dull colors of the building are soon taken over by dark, bright fresh vegetable and fruits vendors stalls. This is the place you gotta visit for finding any type of local , international , fancy vegetables and fruits. You will find dedicated stalls for lemon, coconut, pulses, bananas too. There are also vendors who sell colorfull glass churi (bangles) near the back side entrance of the market. The market is also best known for its fresh mutton, chicken, beef and fish products stalls. There are dedicated sections inside for each of them. You have to be a tough cookie to talk to the mutton vendors as their language is really rough and hilarious. Be prepared to get a hearing or two on expressing your opinion on quality of mutton available.

There are also shops inside the market which sell Iranian spices, Indian masalas, Sudanese spices, Sharbats (cool drink), dry fruits, Parsi food items, Dairy products. The prices are reasonably fair and asking for bargains will give you a few aggressive glares. However once you become a regular known customer you can expect a warm greeting smile from most of them. During summer you will also find the famous "Baraf Gola" stalls (crushed ice wrapped on a stick and flavored essence poured over it ) near the entrance. Most days out side the market there are traffic jams and parking is always a nuisance. Its best to visit this place by a 2 wheeler or an auto rickshaw. If you do visit by your 4 wheeler then be prepared to get stuck up for long in traffic. There are also stray cattle chilling out in the middle of the road. The place look messy most of the times with flowing sewage and dirt scattered , however shopping here is a nice refreshing experience. The chirping sounds, hussle bustle of the vendors shouting, kites flying almost over your head, bright fresh colors of fruits and vegetables all add up to the shopping experience.