Tapkir Galli

Tapkir Galli is well known for being the best Electrical Market of Pune. You get a choice for numerous items. Whether you want to get iPods, phones, telephones, VCRs, DVD Players, speakers, stereos etc repaired or even buy a radio from the year 1982. Tapkir Galli seems to have it all. Tapkir Galli is located on Ganesh Road in Budhwar Peth, situated near Shivaji Road. Tapkir Galli is a narrow lane which is surrounded by shops from both the sides. Mostly all of the shops sell their goods at wholesale rate. People of Pune who are well aware of this lane, often utilize this lane to their best ways. They know which shop can give you the best discount or which shop will get the work done perfectly. It all comes handy if you are a Punekar Basically the Tapkir Galli is divided into several sections.

As we enter into the Galli, we first get a view of electronic shops which would deal with your sound system issues i.e. shops that sell or fix your speakers, woofers, electronic keyboards, microphone sets, audio jacks etc. Their rates are pretty reasonable so they seem to have enormous amount of crowd at their shops. Then moving forward you, you can find a lane on your right hand side which has small small stalls set up. These stall have a space of maximum one person to sit in them. These stall holders mostly fix VCR, VCD and DVD players. The other part of the Tapkir Galli has wholesale market for Electronic Items like cameras, laptops, video recorder, home appliances, mp3 players, cables, music systems, computer parts etc. These shops sell brands at a reasonable rate and a few of them also provide full guarantee and warranty on the products they sell. According to the owners of the shops, the rate they provide gives them a very minimum amount of profit but they earn goodwill for their shop which is their main motive. To have a shop which is specifically known for the deliverance of its work. A few shops like Maharashtra Electronics, Tanush Electronic, Prem Electronics, Bombay Electronic, Dev Electronics, Manohar Electronics and Lights, Global Electronics and Dhupar Brothers are very popular for their service according to the public opinion. These last part of the Tapkir Galli seem to be the most populated part in the entire area.

The back part of Tapkir Galli consists of wholesale traders who sell only mobile phones and its accessories at the cheapest and affordable rate. The reason why this market wins for taking the entire crowd is because of the fact that mobile phones have become the one thing nobody leaves their homes without. The mobile companies are expanding day by day. The manufacturers of mobiles earn in millions all around the world. Same in Tapkir Galli, people love to visit these wholesale markets and grab the best offers they can. The market consists of very cool accessories for different types of phone. Whether you want a fancy phone case, cover, screen protector, phone holders, hanging strands and so much more. They have accessories for the most ancient to the most recent phone out in the market. A few shops that are preferred by the people are Maxx Mobile, Mitwa Mobile Shop, Apex Mobile Store, Mohak General Electronics, Sai Enterprises, Purab Mobile Gallery and Vaishnavi Mobiles. The variety in this market is very vast. You get a lot of choices and thus people tend to shop a lot more than expected when they visit Tapkir Galli. The reason why nobody can stay away from Tapkir Galli in Pune is because everybody is carrying a piece of technology with them. Whenever the piece of technology falls in trouble, Punekars know that Tapkir Galli is the rescue place they need to visit.