Tulsi Baugh

The way Crowford Market is for Mumbai, the way Chowringhee Lane for Kolkata, the way Chandni Chowk is for Delhi... Thats how Tulsi Baug is for Pune. Tulsi Baug in other words can be described as a shopaholic heaven. As quoted by a lot of people it is impossible to resist shopping being in the magical lanes of Tulsi Baug. It is situated in the heart of Pune in front of Vishrambaug Wada. It is networked by the 3 major roads i.e. Bajirao Road, Laxmi Road and Chhatrapati Shivaji Road. The most striking part is the Spire Temple. It is considered as the historic icon of Tulsi Baug. Many tourists come to visit the temple and appreciate its architecture and beauty. As Tulsi Baug being the center of the city, it acts as the most happening locality present in Pune. You can say that Tulsi Baug is that place where you can go empty handed and still have a good time. The food is purely Indian. The mesmerizing taste of the samosa, kanda bhajiya, vada pav, spicy misal pav and desi ice cream can make you astonished with all your senses and definitely want to make you have some more. Food corners like Kawre Ie Cream, Hotel Agatya and Krishna Bhuwan are very well known for their taste and quality that they provide. A common fact of Pune is also that it is almost impossible to spot a vada pav or pani puri stall without college students being surrounded by it. The college students add a very fun element to the lane of Tulsi Baug. They believe in shopping crazy and Tulsi Baug is just the place for all their wishes to come true. After all, if your pockets are hot then why not shop?? ;-)

Talking about the components of the lane it literally provides you with everything from A to Z, you just have to name it. Starting with vegetable stalls, fresh fruits corner, fashionable accessories, household items, flowers for the temple use, jewelry, handbags, clothes, footwear and so much more. The first look at the lane can only make you see various numbers of colors. The colors that catch your eyes and the colors the bring excitement to your blood. The colors speak louder than all the other existing elements. As Tulsi Stores provides a wide range of household furniture, some shops like Sakhi & Anurag are the perfect places for women to shop in. Yes, the husbands know where not to take their wives now! ;-) Tulsi Baug is the perfect place of variety. The collection is plainly exquisite may it be in any field, whether chappals or bags, clothes or footwear, sarees or punjabis, kajal or nail polish, scarves or earrings. Ask for anything and find something way better than expectations. Choosy people also tend to give up looking at so many choices around them that even they end up buying it all. But like a very typical Indian market, Tulsi Baug also consist of that one lady who will not leave the shop without bargaining, that one child who will take one gift free from a shop for buying ten others, that one man who would stand back and watch his family go in different directions to shop almost everything possible. These ironic characteristics make Tulsi Baug what it is.

Tulsi Baug has gained its reputation for the market it provides to people. A few reviews given by the people for the market lanes are Not going to Tulsi Baug in Pune is like not visiting Taj Mahal in Agra, A perfect family shoppers place, just shop shop shop, there is not getting tired of it, & When you can walk, stand and stare at clothes, accessories, household items and what not, for more than 5 hours continuously without being bored, then you know you are at Tulsi Baug. Tulsi Baug is one of the oldest markets of Pune and it is still the same, there is no change, the crowd and population remains as constant as it was 20 years ago, the variety keeps increasing every day, the shop owners have practically spend all their life in this lane, the lane of amazing eye catching colors that greet you when you enter. The music from different shops calls you to visit them and the shop keepers are ever ready to hypnotize you with their attractive sales and great communication skills. They can make you buy the double of what you asked for without even making you realize it. Observations also tell us that the bargainers also need the same amount of skills as the shop keepers, to compete against each other regarding the prices.

Tulsi Baug is open and available to shop at all days in the week from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm. The rush hours are basically from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. As some say it, Tulsi Baug looks like a Mela (farewell) on Sundays, there is no place to stand near the shops sometime. But even after such inconveniences people stop shopping. A few researches even showed that ladies don't exit the lanes of Tulsi Baug without carrying at least five shopping bags in their hands and at least eight other in their husbands hands! ;-) Its the charm that allures you. It is the paint spread all around that attracts you. It is the clamor of shop keepers for different prices that makes you never want to leave the market. That is how Tulsi Baug is. You should never miss a place like Tulsi Baug coming to Pune. It is not just located in the heart of the city,Instead it is the heart of Pune city!